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Friberg/Thorelli Updates

For all your Friberg/Thorelli needs

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Updates and info from the creators of "What Birds Know"

Lately we've been getting quite a few automatic LJ messages saying that people are requesting membership for this community, and we would just like to point out that you can't actually "join" the community, because posting actual entries is reserved for us, quasilie and fluffpudel.

What you can do instead is simply adding the community as a friend - it will be the same thing to you, you can still comment and the community will show up on your friends list. :) Just thought we'd comment on this so you don't think we're ignoring your requests!

If you don't have an LJ account or you want to keep your friends list pared down, you can also read the community through Google Reader or similar readers. (Thanks to ladygzb for the tip.)